Workers' Compensation (W/C)

The Workers' Compensation Act defines the responsibility of the employer to provide prompt medical and disability benefits for injuries sustained on the job by workers, resulting in partial or total incapacity or death. In return, the employer is shielded from tort liability for these injuries. Every employer, individual, firm, association, or corporation, regularly employing three or more persons, part-time or full-time, shall provide workers' compensation insurance coverage. Exempted officers of corporations or exempted members of limited liability companies shall not reduce the number of employees for this purpose.

"Employee" or "worker" shall include every person, including minors, working full-time or part-time under a contract of hire, written or implied. A contractor who sublets any part of his or her contract work to a subcontractor may be liable for coverage for the employees of the subcontractor if the subcontractor has not obtained workers' compensation insurance coverage. An employer failing to provide coverage as required by law shall be held responsible for compensable injuries in the same manner as an employer having coverage

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