Based in Alpharetta/Roswell, Georgia, Garrrett Insurance Agency was formed in 2002 to help, assist and educate business owners and individuals like yourself to identify and maintain the most appropriate coverage for your specific insurance needs.

While maintaining appropriate insurance coverage is a necessity, you shouldn’t have to be an insurance expert to get the right coverage. That’s where our seasoned professionals come into play. We bring decades of experience with multiple lines and providers. We can not only help you identify the most suitable coverage for your family or business, we committed to staying with you year after year as your business grows, family ages and needs change.

Sometimes the changes in your life necessitate a change in your insurance provider. That’s where you will find value in maintaining a relationship with the independent insurance agents of Garrett Insurance Agency. While we are your agent, we won’t limit you to one provider. In fact, each year you can count on us to review your policy to make sure that you are still getting the best possible deal. And as situations change, we may even recommend that you change providers to obtain better coverage for your family or business.

We understand and appreciate that you have literally hundreds of insurance agencies to choose from and we’re flattered that you are considering Garrett Insurance Agency.